Madison Fielding Flagstone PlanterSpeakers

"Water and speakers don’t usually mix well. But when your speakers double as planters, you have to water them, if you don’t want the foliage contained therein to whither and die. Like most planters, the Flagstone PlanterSpeakers—which come in three sizes, each containing a three-way weatherproof loudspeaker—feature a drain at the bottom for water runoff."...
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Video from the 2014 NY Audio Show.

Flagstone PlanterSpeakers By Madison Fielding
A sound that grows on you.
Review By Steven R. Rochlin

..."Music Lovers Rejoice!
My overall impressions are these are the very best outdoor speaker I have ever heard in all my years of not just being a custom installer; it also includes staying at a variety of Four Seasons and others top-notch resorts. In fact I could easily see someone using four or more of these to power their backyard whilst also having it double as a dance floor of sorts. For clubs, get as many as you need, turn up the volume and let the party commence! Yes, they are that good!"...

Check out people's reactions to hearing our Flagstone speakers at the 2014 Capital Audiofest.