AXPONA 2014: Thanks to Madison Fielding, your patio has never sounded this good

I felt like I was walking into a Monty Python segue — “And now for something completely different”. I guess that was what the Madison Fielding folks were going for, showing at AXPONA with a pair of house plants wired into a Parasound amplifier. Guess what? They’re more than a little bit awesome.

AXPONA 2014: Loudspeakers and Electronics Under $15k

The Madison Fielding Flagstone PlanterSpeaker has been selected as one of the top five speaker systems under $5k by the Absolute Sound.

Changing Landscape

Residential Systems March 2014 issue includes Madison Fielding in it's discussion of outdoor products.

The Flagstone

Madison Fielding's Flagstone PlanterSpeaker is the world's premiere outdoor audio speaker.  Featuring a three way speaker design and an integrated fully functional planter it is like no other outdoor speaker.  A down firing Eminence woofer and Audax mid and high frequency drivers reproduce the audio spectrum in a way that is simply not possible with sub-satellite systems.  The Flagstone produces deep bass and smooth highs beyond the ability of rocks or bracketed speakers.  Click here for more information about the Flagstone speaker and Madison Fielding's PlanterSpeaker products.


Axpona 2014

Audio Expo North America 2014 in Chicago is the nations largest showcase of manufacturers and retailers for audiophiles.
AXPONA will iinclude hundreds of exhibits and live demonstrations, daily seminars, live music, and more. Experience your music as it was meant to be heard!  Visit Axpona for more information.

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New products: PlanterSpeakers bring your music outdoors


Halloween is just around the corner, but the award for best disguise can be given now to a speaker — yes, one of those things for listening to music — only this version also looks and acts like a planter..."