Project Backyard Theater

Flagstone/Mini Flagstone

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High Def Zone Audio

215 McNair Cir,
Northampton, PA 18067
P: (484) 358-3588
Project Description:
Date: 2012
Location: New Jersey
“Audio is big in this space as well, so the family can hear the movie from the patio and the swimming pool. Bay Audio’s HTM1 Horn Loaded Speakers perform as the front channels of the surround-sound system for their ability to play “loudly and without distortion,” says Minhas. They’re angled downward from the eave of the house to contain the sound to the yard. Six Madison Fielding speakers, which double as planters, are positioned throughout the area to preclude audio “dead spots” and to serve as the surrounds. Of course, no movie is worth listening to if you can’t hear and feel the bass, so three Bay Audio HomeBase subwoofers were strategically planted in the yard. The speakers and subs are driven by an ADA PTM-6150 amplifier and Bay Audio Power Pack amps, respectively, which push out 2,500 watts of calibrated power.”
What other products were used in this installation?
Digital Projection TITAN Reference 1080p 3D projector, 14’ Vutec screen, ADA PTM-6150 amplifier,Bay Audio’s HTM1 Horn Loaded Speakers, Bay Audio HomeBase subwoofers, Bay Audio Power Pack amps