PlanterSpeakers by Madison Fielding began in 1999 as a custom installation project when one of our clients in the Northeast asked me to find the best speakers available for outdoor use. I had an A/V installation business and was using bracket speakers for my outdoor jobs. The problem with this install was that there was no place to mount speakers on the house, or room for rock speakers in the flowerbeds. Even if there were, the products available would only deliver okay sound, at best.

We had specified and installed beautiful speakers, subwoofers and great quality amps inside the house and the customer wanted the same quality sound outside. We needed a different solution. I looked around the patio and made a few suggestions, but nothing seemed right. Then, I spotted a good sized planter in the corner of the patio and the light bulb went on. PlanterSpeakers! I went back to the shop and went to work. And, there was a lot of work to do; I considered sound quality, planting space, and drainage, not to mention environmental issues.

I had grown up in my dad’s audio store and, as a musician and avid music listener, was used to hearing some of the finest speakers and equipment. I knew that I wanted to make the best outdoor speaker possible: down firing ten-inch woofers, four-inch midranges, one-inch soft dome tweeters—this would be impressive. And you could plant in them! It was a true hybrid product.

We installed the first four Flagstone speakers on that job. And, when we turned them on, it sounded like there was a symphony orchestra in the backyard. 15 years later, they still sound exactly the same, and are truly loved. The Piermont is our newest planter speaker. It’s gotten rave reviews from the press, from outdoor pool, patio and garden designers, and from their music loving clients.

To this day, we use only the highest quality materials and construction techniques, creating the best sounding products that will last in all kinds of weather. Over the years, we’ve enhanced the performance of our speakers and added new architectural styles. The best part about our outdoor speakers is that they’re hidden in planters making them virtually invisible, and they sound fantastic.

Now, there are PlanterSpeakers for every personal taste and budget. Our Flagstone, Piermont, and Westport planters feature three-way speakers, all available in custom configurations. Our subwoofer PlanterSpeakers can be added for extra-deep bass as well.

Experience the true feeling of luxury in your own backyard. Our speakers will make you and your plants happy!

Art Powers Jr